The Enzo-E/Cello Project

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The Enzo-E/Cello Project

We are pleased to announce the v1.0 release of Enzo-E, a new parallel adaptive mesh refinement magnetohydrodynamics code. Enzo-E is based on Cello, a highly scalable, fully-distributed array-of-octree parallel adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) framework, and Enzo-E is a scalable branch of the original Enzo parallel astrophysics and cosmology application that has been ported to use Cello. Enzo-E's parallel scalability is enabled by Charm++ (, an advanced parallel runtime system developed at the University of Illinois. A short paper describing Enzo-E can be found at Computational Cosmology and Astrophysics on Adaptive Meshes using Charm++.

Features include:

Source code repository:


Cello was written by James Bordner, and Enzo-E includes contributions from:

Enzo-E / Cello has benefitted from the following funding sources in reverse chronological order.